By default, theme6/a/a.html has some extra space on either side. We can close the gap by doing the following.

1) Navigate to the theme files C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\verseview7\Local Store\network\webroot\lowerthird\theme6\a\
2) Edit configure_a.js file in notepad
3) Adjust the left position and width of the text box.

var vv_top = 825;
var vv_left = 150;
var vv_width = 1650;
var vv_height = 205;

The top left corner of your streaming video is 0,0. The bottom right corner is 1920, 1080. The position of the box that shows text can be adjusted

See this video on setting up remote VerseVIEW for lower third.

Customizing Remote VerseVIEW to position text